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"Open with" dialog on Windows 7 shows " Launcher" not "PortableFoo"

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Bob Bagwill
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"Open with" dialog on Windows 7 shows " Launcher" not "PortableFoo"

If I tried to use the "Open with" dialog to tell Windows 7 to use Notepad++Portable to open .txt files, for example, after selecting the the executable, the dialog box shows the name of the executable as " Launcher" instead of "Notepad++ Portable". It does show the correct icon.

Why is that, and is there a fix? Thanks.

John T. Haller
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Poor Windows Behavior

That's poor Windows behavior as it is, for some reason, using the FileDescription for Open With instead of the ProductName or similar. In the next release of the PA.c Launcher (actually with the current beta which we use in many apps), it's now " Launcher (Notepad++ Portable)".

The case will shortly be moot as file associations debut in the platform itself.

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