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how to put the apps on my Palm Tungsten C

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how to put the apps on my Palm Tungsten C

Hi, Not sure if I am asking in the right forum place, but hopefully someone can help me, please. I have a Palm Tungsten C which has wi-fi. I have available a 1gb SD card to load the apps onto.
I am not too swift with computer things that aren't really straight forward. In fact I am still recovering from a combat type brain injury and have to work pretty hard to make much of anything work right for me.

I downloaded the suite onto my computer desktop. It opens up there OK. How and what do I do to sync all this to my PDA?

Normally I have to put things in the Palm Quick Installer on my computer, and then press the Sync button on my Palm cradle. That didn't work when I tried to move the desktop file to the PDA.

Any simplified help is really appreciated. I wanr to be able to do this.
Thanks, George

John T. Haller
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Not for Palm

These are Windows apps for Windows desktop PCs. They don't work on mobile operating systems.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Kevin Paul
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I haven't done it, but you

John's right in that PortableApps cannot be run in PalmOS - directly - but you can run PortableApps on a PC from your device's SD card.

With the PalmOS-compatible app Card Reader (, you can access (and run) content stored on your SD card as a logical disk on any PC (like a USB thumb drive).

Connecting your Tungsten C to a PC via your device's sync cable, Bluetooth or WiFi would allow this.

You can copy those PortableApp files and folders you've already opened on your PC to your Tungesten C's SD card with Card Reader.

An alternative program is CardExport (

Another option would be to use RescoExplorer (, which has the benefit of adding numerous other capabilities to your device.

There may be other programs with this functionality I'm unfamiliar with.

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