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Freemat Portable

It's good to see that the latest version of Freemat Portable actually runs on my computer now....with the prev. versions all I got was the splash screen and then nothin'

anyhow I was testing out simple 2-D plots of functions of x over a specified range of values for x and the plots I was getting seemed line-drawn instead of curves (I was testing trig function graphs)....then I discovered from the help section that to get a curve instead of line segments being drawn between every point of inflection you first have to define your range of values for x as a to get a plot of the sine wave from values of x ranging from 0 to 2*pi you need 2 commands:


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But if you

But if you do:


It does not look so good anymore. By default, linspace uses 100 points.

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Glad to see that's working for you now.
A good start is reading the FreeMat Primer.

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