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3D intel processors (with 22nm)

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3D intel processors (with 22nm)

Shock good thing i havent bought a new Sandy Bridge computer yet Biggrin

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I'm glad I didn't. I was looking at the 2500K, but some expenses came up, and I settled for an $89 Phenom II X2. I unlocked the idle cores, so I now have a quad-core, but I full well know the difference between the Phenom II B55 X4 and the i5 2500K (X4). Still, I got a damn good chip for day-to-day computing, and a decent one for gaming and video work. Yes Sandy Bridge would have been better, possibly more than 2.5x better (justifying the cost), but I did okay, and it sounds like Ivy Bridge is just gonna destroy it anyway. So next time I build, I'll use Ivy Bridge or something better.

(Except I don't buy. I build.)

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