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Chroma Portable 1.13 Development Test 1

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Chroma Portable 1.13 Development Test 1

Application: Chroma
Category: Games
Licence: Open Source
Description: Chroma is an abstract puzzle game in which a variety of colourful shapes are arranged in a series of increasingly complex patterns, forming fiendish traps that must be disarmed and mysterious puzzles that must be manipulated in order to give up their subtle secrets. The game has 21 inbuilt levels, infinite undo and redo capability, as well as replay of solutions, plus a Level Editor which allows you to design your own puzzles.

Chroma can also play levels from two similar games, XOR and Enigma through a re-implementation based on a reverse engineering of the game engines. These add-on levels are contained in "", which can be downloaded from the Chroma website. - Copyright has been waived on the Enigma Levels, however, copyright for the XOR Levels still rests with the original authors.

Download ChromaPortable_1.13_Development_Test_1_English.paf.exe [3.57MB download / 6.73MB installed]
(MD5: 1f092bcd60afe57c300682dbaf0e721e)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2011-05-04): Initial release