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IMVU Portable (launcher only) v7

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IMVU Portable (launcher only) v7

Application: IMVU
Category: Internet
Description: IMVU is a 3D Avatar chat instant messenger & dress up game.
Download IMVU Portable Development Test 7 [406kb download / around 80 MB installed with a fresh install of IMVU on host]
(MD5: 67f251a3f8e72e2fe881a4cb7c34048d)

Release Notes:

Development Test 7 (2011-05-03): Launcher code redone to save creator mode files. splash and help file updated.

Development Test 5 (2009-10-08): Launcher code redone. splash, help file, and Installer updated.

Development Test 4 (2009-08-07): Icon, splash, and help file updated.

Development Test 3 (2009-04-01): Updater added, updater and first run are disabled by the INI

Development Test 2 (2009-03-01): First run added, help file added, new installer.

Development Test 1 (2009-02-10): Initial release

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Is it safe to assume this is

Is it safe to assume this is a dead project since the download links no longer work?

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