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[Illegal Platform] Apps to

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[Illegal Platform] Apps to

Could you please make many of the [Illegal Platform] apps portable in format? [Illegal Platform] has about 100 apps that does not have.

This will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Anything in particular?

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Many of the "[Illegal Platform] Apps" (or should I say "Apps portabilized in [Illegal Platform]"?) are also in format, in fact most of them are in PAF format before it was available in [Illegal Platform].

Do you want Examples? Thunderbird, utorrent, Miranda IM, etc...

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Mostly Illegal

Nearly all of the freeware apps available there are being done illegally, without permission from the publishers, even many open source apps like Firefox and Google Chrome. They've stolen work from us dozens of time. His format is even based on ours, even though many apps are poor imitations and leave things behind or aren't fully portable.

Whenever there are specific apps you'd like, please post a request in the forums for them or add a comment to an existing topic requesting them. If they are open source, we'll be getting to them but ensuring they are properly tested first before release (something the illegal site never does). If they are freeware, we'll request permission from the publisher and, (often) at least, post a launcher so you can copy it in manually and use it portably.

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Thank you

Thank you for your help!


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