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XUL cache reenables itself in pFF 1.5!

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XUL cache reenables itself in pFF 1.5!

Everytime i try to deactivate xul cache it reenables automatically on restart. I cannot deactivate it, so everytime it creates the XUL.mfl of nearly 2 MB.
everytime i try to set the "nglayout.debug.disable_xul_cache" line to "true" (via about:config or editing prefs.js) pFF changes it back to false.
This used not to happen with 1.0.x
Any way to turn it off for good in 1.5?

My extensions in pff:

All-In-One Sidebar 0.6
CopyPageInfo 0.17.0
DownloadWith 0.0.7+
Duplicate Tab 0.7
Linkification 1.1.6
ListZilla 0.7
Minimize to Tray
Mouse Gestures 1.0.4
MultiScrapBook 0.17.3
Paste and Go 0.4.3
Redirect Remover 1.0
Sage 1.3.6
ScrapBook 0.18.3
SessionSaver .2
Tabbrowser Preferences
TargetKiller 0.3

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This is by desgin

The launcher itself reenables it. Disabling XUL cache is unstable on 1.5 and messes up a number of extensions. Since it was disabled by default in all 1.0 Portable Firefox profiles, the launcher fixes this on launch.

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