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Kabikaboo Portable 1.7 Development Test 1

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Kabikaboo Portable 1.7 Development Test 1

Application: Kabikaboo
Category: Office
Licence: Open Source
Description: Kabikaboo is a tree-based note pad, designed to help you plan a book or complex project.

- Note Tree: infinitely customizable; you create all categories and subcategories.
- Edit Nodes: a simple node that you can write text inside of.
- View Nodes: recursively see any section of your tree, as if it were one document.
- Tabbed Notebook: keep as many nodes open as you want.
- Bookmarks: help you jump back to your favorite/important nodes.
- Visits: three different automatic lists of visited nodes.
- and much more

Download Kabikaboo Portable 1.7 Development Test 1.paf.exe [7.7MB download / 25.6MB installed]
(MD5: 614d3b35a30d8a28ab3880c1b232c353)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2011-05-23): Initial release