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Adblock Plus Preferences appear for no reason...

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Adblock Plus Preferences appear for no reason...

I just moved my Firefox (everything) from my USB drive to the hard drive, and now the Adblock Plus Preferences box appears, at first when I would press a button on the keyboard, and now when I change the site (could be triggered by master password prompt). The only change I made was setting the fixes so that they would adjust for drive letter and the directories so that they'd be accurate. I also got a few unresponsive script notices (quite odd), and I told it to continue on all of them. I've gotten those notices before, but only when a) an autoupdate was interrupted or otherwise messed up or b) when I use a USB1.1 port and have to adjust for drive letter changes with a lot of extension changes (e.g. pending installations).

Oh, and arrow keys and the End, Delete, Home, PgUp and PgDn buttons do nothing but bring up that box. Some others may as well.

Any ideas?

I closed that Fx and opened the one on my drive (same files). No problem...
I'll reopen the HD version and see if the problem persists...

edit 2:
No problem. This is creepy.

I changed the ini right after the splash screen appeared (skipfixes were changed from false to true), and the launcher wasn't done reading the it. Why it affected Adblock Plus is a mystery.