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Unfortunately I don't know the name of it, as our IT group took care of it. But the trojan was traced to my use of FF Portable. Since I've stopped using it, no trojans. The trojan would hide files, and delete minor files in my windows xp profile.

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what did you surfv to?

As we do not know what pages you did visit with the ff and what files you did download with it, we have no idea where you got your trojan from.
FF portable has no trojan or virus or what ever malware in it, unless you yourselve did implant it.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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Understood. I have no idea what page would have picked it up. But this is on my work pc, so I'm naturally dilligent about which sites I visit. Additionally, somehow FF was allowing the trojan to operate, as it hasn't come back since I stopped using FF portable. This was tested and after each clearing of the trojan, it would re-appear when I ran FF Portable.

I received the following information from our IT group.

"The Trojan was a variant of generic.bfr!cd of course each company has their own names for it, Symantec calls it WinDefragFraud. Thus, if you get it again it means they modified it once again."

Ken Herbert
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It's probably that a file in

It's probably that a file in your install of FFPortable was infected, thus when you ran it, it would spread.

Checking out known data for this Trojan, it is generally spread through a network or removable device, so you may want to run your USB (and any computers you have attached this device to) through multiple anti-virus and malware detection tools, and also let your IT department know that it is transmittable across a network (and maybe even hint that you probably received it across the work network).

If it is only in your FFPortable and nowhere else, deleting your install and installing a fresh copy should fix the problem, but you should also tell your IT department that this Trojan is not FF specific, and is not even browser specific, and that it could have been picked up by any browser you could have or should have been using, therefore it is a shortcoming of your work computer and/or network's security measures.

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