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CCleaner (and other Piriform programs)

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CCleaner (and other Piriform programs)

Piriform already provides a zipped version of all of their programs (CCleaner, Recuva, Defraggler, Speccy) for portable use, but it would be great if could provide an installed portable version so that updates could also be provided much easier. Seeing as they already provide a .zip version, then making it into an 'official' PortableApp should be a cinch.

Thank You

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please do a search next time

this has been requested before and may have a development one in beta already.

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Best to just use official

As you say, they offer a portable zip from their "other builds" page. It's best to just use that, and check CCleaner for updates once or twice a month and the others once every few months. Updates are not ever mission-critical even in CCleaner.

Or, if you're using them at home, have Ninite roll you a special installer for the Piriform apps you want (they have all four) and then just run the Ninite installer once a week. It will automagically update you.

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