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Pidgin: Version 2.8.0 is out on source forge.

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Pidgin: Version 2.8.0 is out on source forge.

I just want to point out that while the latest version of pidgin isn't showing on it's website homepage, it is out at Pidgin's sourceforge repository.

I'm not posting this to rush anybody. I'm posting this just in case the folks at are having problems or something. e.g. the changelog shows the entries for pidgin ver: 2.8.0, yet the download button still display/direct to pidgin ver: 2.7.11

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We already know that
(We definitively need a link for it in the homepage)

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Homepage Postings

We nearly always know as soon as something is posted. The link to outdated apps is always available in the Development section. Any apps in need of update should be posted there (and only there).

We don't portablize apps until they are announced. Pidgin could be in the process of releasing 2.8.0 and pull it or change the build at the last minute and then we'd have portablized something broken.

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