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Feature Requests

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Feature Requests

Greetings Steve

First i thank you for your wonderful application

If i may suggest few improvement to you

1.Prior file versions would be very nice (versioning)...
2.Realtime sync ie when file is changed sync it!!! if this is possible i can finally remove dropbox
3.if Realtime sync is not possible integrated Scheduling not relying on Windows schedule maybe it is already possible with scripts...
4.Port to linux would be nice but it seems that Wine version is working at least for me
5.Locked files syncing


Steve Lamerton
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thankyou for your suggestions!

Versioning is a difficult problem and certainly beyond the scope of Toucan at the moment. Realtime sync is more possible, it is potentially tricky though, if you update a file and then pull your usb drive out with Toucan on it before it finishes it could easily cause corruption. Ideally for this toucan would need a portable and installed copy, which would side-step the problem. It is similar for integrated scheduling. A port to linux is mostly functional but there wasn't must interest in it when I last uploaded a copy, I will try again after the 3.1 release. Locked file syncing is planned for the next major revision.

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Why dont you release your app in Zero install its cross platform package store at least for linux that way you can have just one package for every distro

I think i see where is Toucan heading and i revised features

-Linux port / zero install would be nice
-windows/unix locked files sync
-delta syncing: if you sync through network you only sync changed parts of files

delta syncing: rsync has already implemented this maybe you could have a look at their source code

Thanks for answer Steve i do hope my musings here were at least constructive

John T. Haller
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This seems promotional as this user joined just to post this. As 0install on Windows is .NET based (and thus requires installation and isn't portable) and the Linux packages seem similar, I don't think this would be a good use of PA.c dev time.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Im not promoting here anything im suggesting as you can see from tone of my post
if Steve Lamerton is not inclined to make zero install version of HIS program then its okay with me i have no intention to make fork not even knowledge

IMHO universal app-stores on Windows are absolutely unnecessary...
but for linux that is different story

FYI i switched from Windows to Sabayon about month ago while i like Sabayon i miss some programs on Linux so im forced to search when i find program it is usually only .deb or .rpm package...

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