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Help with Differential Backups

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Help with Differential Backups

First, let me say that I think Toucan is great! My un-compressed folder of 'synched' backup files went from 300+MB to ~100MB.

Second, I have been searching the support forums and the help files for answers but haven't found all of the answers to my questions. So I apologize up front if I didn't see that my questions have already been asked and answered.


  • Toucan PE version 3.0.4 running from C:\PortableApps folder
  • Windows 2000 SP4, with Admin permissions
  • Backup location is a mapped network drive, with separate folders to keep the BaseFile's separated
  • 3 Backup Jobs, set to Differential 7-Zip with Ultra Compression. Each have been run individually from the Toucan interface and they have each created a BaseFile.7z.


  1. Is there a way to clean up 'empty' differential backups? For example I tested the second run of one of the Backup Jobs. It ran and created 2011-06-17-09-21.7z but since there were no changes to the folder in question, Toucan created and 'empty' file.
  2. I have the backup jobs scheduled individually via Windows Task Scheduler using the -j switch. I created a script using the Toucan script tab to chain the 3 jobs together and they run from the Toucan interface, but not when I try to launch via the scheduler command line. I used the following , but all I get is a command window that opens then closes before it displays anything.
    C:\PortableApps\Toucan\Toucan.exe -s Daily

    The same is true when attempting to launch from a command window.>

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Find empty files

If you have Cygwin installed, you could use the find command with an -exec option to delete the files.

find . -name '*.7z' -size 0 -exec rm '{}' \;

You should check that first to make sure you don't delete a bunch of stuff on accident.

I don't know of a way to do it with basic Windows commands.

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