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Xpert-Timer Time Tracker

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Xpert-Timer Time Tracker

We are thinking about making Xpert-Timer PRO portable. It uses a Microsoft Access database. Is that possible at all? What happens if you pull out the thumbdrive while there's interaction with the database?

Could you please check if it's possible at all to make Xpert-Timer portable?


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commercial app

but looks like they have a usb version. hope it works for you but not something we can do

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I'm guessing from your

I'm guessing from your username and the wording you use, that you are part of X-Pert Timer's team.

If you are, you will have to talk to John, the head of this project. He has spoken about commercial partners before, but as far as I know there are currently no commercial apps that have been officially released in PortableApps format, although I may be wrong.

The best way to get in touch with him would probably be through the contact details on the contact page.

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Couple Options

There is always the risk of data loss from a user pulling a drive, but the risks are similar to issues with a local PC. A local PC drive could disconnect mid-use or become full (in which case part of your writing will succeed and then fail), though these are much less likely.

One option is to keep a copy of the database, if it isn't too big, and use that during use of the application. So you'd have your real settings.mdb and when you start the app, you make a copy to settings-current.mdb and then use that for the current session. On exit, you delete settings.mdb (or rename to settings-backup.mdb for even more redundancy and functionality the way Firefox does) and rename settings-current.mdb to settings.mdb. This would solve the issue so the user would at most lose their current session if they pull the drive.

If you'd like to make the commercial version available in format, just drop an email to our Business Development address. We can assist you with packaging and promotion.

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