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GIMP: portable GAP

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GIMP: portable GAP

I have extracted the compiled files from GAP from the GIMP installer site:
I have compressed the exe files using UPX in accordance with
Finally I put them in a zip file that corresponds to the GIMP portable file structure.
The file is available here:
Just unzip the file into the root directory of your GIMP portable installation and you'll have the GAP part there as well.

Report any issues found on this forum and I'll try to follow them up.

John T. Haller
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Nice, ghd. Hopefully, people will test this out. If it works well with the current GIMP Portable, we can make it a released add-on. (I'd put it on SourceForge for downloads, of course, so you're not overwhelmed).

For the unfamiliar, GAP allows you to do animations within GIMP.

Everybody please test this out.

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Works for me

Except I never use it, just downloaded it for testing purposes.

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How uncanny

Wow incredible, on the very same day I went looking for a portable gap to go with my portable gimp you would post it. Thanks so much. I'll play with it tonight.

Also thanks to everyone that has made these portable apps and worked so hard on them, loving them all.

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Worked Perfectly

I just tested it doing Fencepost's Animated Snow tut and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much ghd.

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How do I ...

How do I use it with portable gimp?? I have no idea how to do this thing.

Master Imrahil
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Anybody have any tutorials for us clueless people?
The whole thing really doesn't make much sense... Pardon

Master Imrahil

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