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Impressive Title Pre-Release Test 2

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Impressive Title Pre-Release Test 2

Application: Impressive Title
Category: Game
Description: Impressive Title was a 3D RPG game inspired by The Lion King. It was created by KovuLKD and released in July 2008. After its closing, FeralHeart was created as a replacement.
It is changed ownership and is now owned and updated by Flametail. Servers are back online and open to the public.

Download Impressive Title Pre-Release [89.3MB download / 130MB installed]
(MD5: 7e58b0b550542f8ab5fd5930e50d6e74 )

Release Notes:


  • Packaged to PortableApps Format
  • Pre-Released for testing.

Pre-Release (2011-06-21): Initial release

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Download link doesn't work

Download link doesn't work

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