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Installing Flashplayer to FF launched on U3

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Installing Flashplayer to FF launched on U3

I recently purchased a cruzer micro 2gb usb drive that includes the sandisk utility U3. I like the utility but I'm having a problem. I installed FF to it and it runs fine, but I can't get flashplayer to install to it, I've tried half a dozen times to install flashplayer from this very site as they say you can for U3, but I keep getting a download error.

First, is anyone else having this problem?

Second, how did you remidy it (if you were able to).



Axel Foley
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I tried installing Flash Player as an extension as suggested by the support page here on, but it doesn't work...

I migrated from the desktop version of FF by copying the profile directory where I had Flash installed as a plugin.

Probably something in the imported config. is the problem...

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