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Error when launching portable thunderbird twice

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Error when launching portable thunderbird twice


First thanks for your job !!

When I'm launching TP when it's already launched, there is an error that wasn't in older versions. An idea ?

And is someone using Mailbox Alert extension ? It seems not work very well when USB key moved.

Sorry for my english, I'm French.
It's a real good stuff, I enjoyed travelling with my applications.

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We'd need to know what the error actually is in order to assist further. Post back with the exact error message you get so I can see if it's in the launcher or in TB itself.

Mailbox Alert isn't portable. It uses full file paths to the sounds and things you select. So, as soon as you move systems, it loses those files.

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Error data

Firstly, thanks for your answer.

This a windows error (with report) from thunderbirdportable.exe (ModName : registry.dll).
I can give you all the report if you want.

For Mailbox Alert, I have put all files in Mailbox.jar and paths are all chrome://...
I will try to execute on other computer before asking you again.


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More error data

I appear to be having the same problem. I downloaded a
fresh copy of Portable Thunderbird version (20060719)
today, unpacked it and ran it. I did no customization --
just cancelled out of the Account Wizard. Then I started
a second instance of Portable Thunderbird. This crashed
pretty much immediately after the splash logo. The error
signature was:

AppName: thunderbirdportable.exe AppVer: ModName: registry.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00001493

I'm running Windows XP home edition with the latest patches.
I did have normal Thunderbird installed until recently when
I uninstalled it in favor of the portable app. Also, I have an
old version of Mozilla installed (1.7.13).

Let me know if any other info would help. Portable Thunderbird
is incredibly useful and it would be nice to get around this little

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