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Beginner Trying to Merge Folders and Subfolders

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Beginner Trying to Merge Folders and Subfolders


A beginner, I am having problems with Toucan merging folders with subfolders. For example, I want to merge two main folders--my current main UserName and the corresponding folder from my old computer:

Source Folder: C:\Users\UserName\OldComputer\UserName
Destination Folder: C:\Users\UserName

However, when I "run" Toucan sync using the graphical user interface and the "move" function, I receive a completion report, but the two folders (i.e. Source and Destination) remain unchanged.

How do I get Toucan to merge my folders?

Thank you for any suggestions.




Operating system = Vista.


Thus far, I have technically just tried merging two bottom-level subfolders to test the process, and even that does not work. After testing, my principal objective is two merge the main User folders with classic subfolders like AppData, Contacts, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Favorites, Music...


I also tried naming the job, I think, not sure what the point is.


If it matters, Toucan refused to install to:

C:\Program Files

So I installed it to:


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sorry for the slow reply, work is filling up my life at the moment. Can I ask what version you tried this with? I am not entirely sure what it is that you are trying to achieve, you say you want to merge the two folders, do you want the most up to date files possible in both, or are you trying to merge changes from one folder into the other?

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