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[False alarm] AppNamePortable.exe doesn't start from PortableApp Menu

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[False alarm] AppNamePortable.exe doesn't start from PortableApp Menu

[Edit] Sorry, I found my mistake, it was an error in the "Start=" line in appinfo.ini. Please ignore this post.

I have created three portable apps for my personal use (two of them are proprietary, so not candidates for "official" portable apps in any case). I used the same method in each case:

  • Created PortableApps\AppNamePortable folder by copying from Application Template (downloaded from the Development page).
  • Set up appicon.ico and appinfo.ini in \App\AppInfo\ folder and AppNamePortable.ini in \App\AppInfo\Launcher folder.
  • Ran Launcher Generator against the PortableApps\AppNamePortable folder.
  • Clicked Manage Apps|Refresh App Icons in the PortableApps menu.

In all three cases, the Launcher Generator ran successfully. In two of the three cases the Apps run correctly from the menu. In the third case, clicking on the app in the menu has no apparent effect (other than dismissing the menu), but if I double-click on AppNamePortable.exe in explorer, the app starts without a problem. Does anyone have any idea how this can happen? Surely the only thing that clicking on the menu item does is to run AppNamePortable.exe.

The app that fails is Microsoft's FxCop. The contents of the PortableApps\FxCopPortable folder are:

  • FxCopPortable.exe (created by the Launcher Generator).
  • help.html (from the Application Template).
  • The Data, App, and Other folders.

The contents of FxCopPortable.ini are:


I realise I haven't given much information to go on, but I would be grateful if someone can suggest any information that would be relevant, or any troubleshooting procedure I could try.