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Portable Inkscape

Hello Portable App people Smile --
I would love Portable Inkscape (or is it Inkscape Portable... /me doesn't like the new names). It would be great companion for GIMP Portable as well as Blender. As far as I know, Blender is already portable. It's a great 3D program; it's cross-platform, less than 16MB, and runs off a USB key/iPod/whatever. If you've ever wanted to try 3D software, it's a great program. A bit hard to learn, but there are plenty of tutorials, and it isn't too hard if you put in a bit of effort.

Anyway, Portable Inkscape would rock.

-- J.P.
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Read more here.
I can't seem to find the post right now, but I do believe John is doing a version also.



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John said that somewhere, but I can't find it either.
I remember seeing it though.
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