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tree-structured information keeper

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tree-structured information keeper

Latest My Notes Center ( works in portable mode with ease (the installation program does required things). Does someone know any more PIM/notes software with portable mode support?

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you don't know this one?

EssentialPIM Free 1.82, for instance. There's a dedicated portable version, even a U3 version (and a pro version, of course). Very nice PIM, with scheduler, To Do, address book, notes in tree structure that allow full formatting, inserting of pictures, tables and hyperlinks.

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I copied a normal install of Keynote onto my flash drive and have had no problem running it on any Windows machine I've encountered. The only hiccup is that it will try to open your last active file on start by default (can be disabled), which can be a problem if the drive letter of your flash drive changes from machine to machine. There's also a setting to not save window settings to the registry, which I believe is enabled by default.

Oh yeah. Keynote is freakin' awesome. Old, but so capable.

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