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Updating was a complete failure.

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Updating was a complete failure.

I tried to update the Platform from within itself to version 2.0 Pre-Rease, to only run into a complete failure.

The Platform searched, found, downloaded and successfully started the just downloaded update file. I was prompted to close all instances of the Platorm, so I did [right click on the Platorm icon and exit] For a littler bit it looked like the update was going fine but then as I was prompted yet again, but this time with an error message, saying that something when wrong with the update. [sorry, I didn't write down the message, but it dealt with the autoupdate file]

I know this is a Pre-Release and that bugs are imminent. I'm just reporting my experience with it thus far.

With that said and on the side; what an outstanding update for the Platform. This one truly is a big step for and its users.