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my thoughts on the platform

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my thoughts on the platform

I agree with some previous comments here and there on the site that the menu should have a simple and minimalistic alternative appearance much like pstart/asuite (i really don't like those big "windows start menu" like designs but that's just my personal preference), where you could drag programs to it (again, like pstart) so that you're not "stuck" with the default folder structure. I would gladly use it then, as i would really like to have the automatic updates feature. But for some reason i think you're not going to implement this (think i read you saying it before, not sure). I have a folder structure personalized by categories and sub-categories so unfortunately this doesn't work for me at all. Obviously not all my apps are wrappers from this site (if they were i'd probably use this), many are from official portable releases and some are wrappers from a couple of other sites. Updating all those other apps manually in an "all apps in one huge folder" folder structure would be a big pain. Also, i have a huge list of apps so i like having them organized in separate folders... For this reasons i'm still sticking with good old pstart (and rocketdock for my most used apps) and keep doing my updates manually. I understand (but not necessarily agree) that you have set up for the "masses" thus sometimes neglecting the more "advanced" users who'd like a bit more personalization and options here and there. Still, good job with the platform (specially the new update feature), i'm sure most "mainstream" users with not many picky needs (like me :)) will give it a great use.

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As stated in the discussion in the main thread, this is unsupported. The platform menu, updater and app store are all keyed to the AppID (example: FirefoxPortable) used as a directory within your X:\PortableApps directory (or whatever subfolder it is in like X:\MyApps\PortableApps).

We will at some point be adding the ability to add shortcuts to apps outside that directory structure but they will not be 'managed' by the platform (no automated installs, no updates, no backups via the backup utility in app data mode, etc).

As there's generally not much call to ever manually browse into the app's directories (except for non-PAF zipped apps which require manually moving things around and configuring things), we don't have much call to support alternate structures. When you do need to browse into them, you just right-click and Explore Here from the PA.c Menu to get there, no need to browse in manually.

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