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The use of some extensions

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The use of some extensions

Hey folks...been using FFP for some time but just now am getting to where I want to synch my desk top w/ the thumb drive.

I tried a bookmark synch app but only the desk top would work and the thumbdrive unit would not....I do not know if there are any limitaitons on the portable one.....I also would like to synch my extensions for both browsers the desk top and thumb drive but do not have the time or the tech savvy to debug.....

Your comments and suggestions welcomed.....!

PS since I'm a newbie how did this happen...?......
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Try Libertà PUSS
Then use the Sync feature.
Or just get Sync from that same site.
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There is an extension on the

There is an extension on the mozilla extension site called FEBE. This backs up your extensions, settings, bookmarks, cookies, which you could upload to your desktop version.

There is also a companion extension called CLEO that can make one package out of all of your extensions previously backed up by FEBE. This allows you to open 1 file and all your extensions will be installed. You will have to use FEBE to restore settings and bookmarks, etc.

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FEBE and Flash not friends

FEBE writes to the drive every few seconds apparently. Not a big deal, but make sure you disable the extension when not actually backing something up or restoring it. Otherwise it will slow you down and reduce the life of your flash drive.

For bookmarks, try the Foxmarks extension. It's meant to keep your bookmarks up to date on multiple computers, by keeping a copy of your bookmarks online, updating any changes, and loading that copy when you open firefox. It works great with FFP.

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