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Inkscape Portable with Textext (MikTex, pstoedit, gs)

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Inkscape Portable with Textext (MikTex, pstoedit, gs)


I managed to get Inkscape Portable with its extension Textext (used to write latex equations directly in Inkscape) to work with MikTex, pstoedit and ghostscript in a fully portable package. No need to add stuff to the PATH as usually required for these apps on Windows.

Here's a link to the full package (zipped) 161MB [old version 0.48]

** Update ** march 2015
Here's an updated link to the full package with the 64 bit version of Inkscape 0.91 (zipped) 233 MB Smile
Note: you can edit the "preamble.tex" file located in the main folder for additional packages and customization to use in the Textext editor.


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Awsome!After an update, I

Awsome!After an update, I never managed to get TexText working again with my inkscape. Your portable version Saved me.
There are some minor problems which I would like to fix, takes a while but i can't find the source file:
1-In the Preferences->System->System Info: my user config path is wrong (written as D:\\$User\\...\\.inkscape$ instead of D:\$User\...\.inkscape). And I can't edit the configuration.
2-It takes a while to start.
3-It is creating new *.svg files (File name extended with the current date) and closes if i try to Resize page to content

I will be really thankful if you can tell how to fix this two issues.

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Thank you so much!

I made an account just to say thank you for this version! I was having so many issues with getting Inkscape to work with textext on my new computer. You saved me many hours. Thanks Smile

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Solved for myself--Re:Thank you and a request

Tom, I have understood that your inkscape portable stores (like usual inkscape) the look-and-feel settings in
Renameig it to gtkrc_org has changed the looks to default without affecting the wonderful textext
extention. Sorry for my premature question. I add this comment as it might help other people with
eye-sight difficulty. Thank you again for your work. Toku3.

Tom, Your Job is great. I used this portable for two years long for writing a paper.
Now, may I ask you a favor? Recently my eye sight has been weakened (68 years old and
glaucoma) so that the present 'look and feel' is too dark for me.
For instance, the join nodes tool (dark blue in grey) are to hard to distinguish.
I imagine there must be a key to restore usual appearance of inkscape distribution.
Would you please tell me it?

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