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Thunderbird and Windows 7

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Thunderbird and Windows 7

I have no problem using my portable Thunderbird for email,but when I try to attach to email from another program, like photos, it takes me to Windows Live. No option to change to Thunderbird. Any suggestions?

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not sure how you do it

I am not sure how you do the attachments, but in general, you need to open the Thunderbird, then create new message, then click on the attach and then it will allow you to select the attachment from where ever it is.

However if you just go to some picture with windows explorer, somehow right click and select send by mail, it will open the default mail client and try to send it with it.

The portable mail client should never be attempted to become default mail client, as this makes it non portable, entering it permanently to registry and when not present (usb stick out) the operating system has to look for something what is not present at all.
Very bad idea to try it.

If you use local installed version of Thunderbird, this is other matter, there you can change it to become default mail client.

Simply: portable version for portable use, local installed version for local use.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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A workaround

There is a workaround that you could use if it is your computer.

1. Install Thunderbird (non-portable) on your computer and make it the default mail application. You may have to define one account for that, but nothing prevents you from defining "" to go around that problem.

2. Close Thunderbird non-portable.

3. Now, open Thunderbird Portable.

Basically, Thunderbird (non portable) will be registered as your mail application, so when you click on a link in Firefox, Word, Acrobat Reader, etc., your system will try to access a Thunderbird application. If Thunderbird Portable is already open in the background, your computer will "think" of it as Thunderbird and will use it fo email.

Michel Gagnon
Montréal (Québec, Canada)

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