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ssh and programming editor app

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ssh and programming editor app

Need some editor that does syntax highlighting, formatting/indention, code completion, ascii codes, partial code collapsing, shows diffs, can save text files in *nix format, useful for multiple languages, has a Linux equivalent that I can get in Ubuntu/Debian. I will be programming in assembler, Python, Java, C, C++, Perl, bash, and maybe VB. Most that I've found concentrate on HTML, only do half of what I want, are non-free and most of all, are not portable. I have Linux LiveCDs, but want to do some work/study in various places where booting another OS might freak some people out and get me in trouble.

Putty would also be a nice portable app too. I'm not sure if you can just run its executable or what system files it uses, but I think it does place files in more than one directory after install. It would be nice to have putty with all the keys that you've exchanged with remote PCs/servers and all your settings/profiles saved in one portable place. I have a buddy that has somewhere near 100 machines he must log into at one time or another and he says it is a hassle everytime he has to reinstall or install in another location.

I see that these have been discussed here, but quite a long time ago. It would be nice to have official portable apps executables and in the same place as the other fine apps.


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Is there a portable editor

Is there a portable editor that will run a telnet-session (on a windows host) ?

It would have to be text-mode. A vi- or emacs-clone would be good, or a line-editor as last resort. This editor should also be portable in the sense that it should work without installation, executable only if possible, and should not leave traces on the local harddisk or the registry.

I have already checked every vi- and emacs-clone I could find and even tried edlin. None of the editors I found work in a telnet-session, usually the screen just goes blank.

An editor like this would be great for network-maintenance.

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