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Sudoku: Rubbish program

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Trevor Kelleher
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Sudoku: Rubbish program

Was just playing it and got a puzzle where the last 10 block had no way for me to identify what numbers should go where.

infact, in the end it didn't matter i put the numbers in one way, the solver put it in another... both valid?

As a LOGIC puzzle, having more than one solution to a puzzle makes the whole thing a farce.

the orginal developer has closed all discussion on the topic claiming that puzzle books do the same.. funny i have yet to come across one!

the whole point of sudoku is that it is a solvable puzzle.

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle where you can put the pieces anywhere?

John T. Haller
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Did you miss the project page?

It explains this right on the project page where this is downloadable from. This is simply the way this version of Sudoku works. If you're unhappy with it, don't use it.

And, sorry if you think it's rubbish. We'll happily refund the money you paid us for it. Thanks for your comment, too. It's supportive feedback like this that makes us open source developers want to keep working so hard for free.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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