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Adding apps to the platform

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Adding apps to the platform

I added a couple of apps to my drive (Chrome and Filezilla) and then ran into trouble updating them (well Chrome anyway, I haven't tried with the other one.)

So I read up a bit and it seemed to me that if I had the PortableApps platform installed, I could update the apps through that.

So I installed the PortableApps platform, and now I can't figure out to add the existing two apps to the Menu of the platform... I don't want to do a clean install as I've customised the browser extensively with plugins etc...

Thanks for any help.

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Move them to X:\PortableApps, where Secret is the drive where you've installed the Platform. You'll end up with X:\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortable and X:\PortableApps\FilezillaPortable.

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OK thanks

OK thanks, they were in the folder above. That's got them showing up in portableapps, but now how do I update them??


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Manage Apps

Manage Apps, check for updates in the PA.c Platform.

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