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Suggestion: Autostart profiles

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Suggestion: Autostart profiles


I wish to have different Autostart profiles. At home all my standard application should start after the platform starts (email, browser, etc.). But if I connect to a foreign pc I don't want to start all applications.

Maybe its possible to define profiles in combination to the hardware id, windows username or similar.


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How about a Disable AutoStart Key

AutoStart Profiles for different PC's isn't a bad idea, but it seems like it would require a lot of effort for relatively little benefit.
However I also have some PortableApps which I like to AutoStart, but not all the time, so I was thinking maybe a Disable AutoStart Key would be a good idea.
By a Disable AutoStart Key I mean something similar to the way that Windows won't execute the AutoRun/AutoPlay stuff for a disc/removable drive if you're holding Shift when it reads that information from said disc/removable drive.
That way we could just have it skip AutoStart'ing anything when in a hurry to just use one or two apps, or a situation like Marc Gutt's; and I don't think it would be too difficult to add a check before running the apps set to AutoStart to see if Shift (or Ctrl, Alt, Scroll Lock, etc., [John's choice]) is active.


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i see, but more like a Start-up dialog that allows you to choose on-hand, profiles you have saved that will startup apps you preselected it to, thats not a bad idea.

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