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Super Mario Brothers

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Super Mario Brothers

I have this thing called VirtualBoy Advanced for pc and w/ that, you can run GBA and GBC (game boy) game roms, and i have Mario Brothers (The origional) downloaded. Could you make it so that VirtalBoy Advanced was portable? I tried to search around here but didn't get much.

Or is it portable already? I really don't want stuff being put on the other computers.


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Visual Boy?

Are you referring to Visual Boy Advance?

Seems to be open source and free. Can't find license info on their site.

Seems to be unsupported now too. Last update was Oct 2005.

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I would not suggest hosting

I would not suggest hosting or anything with any emulator for Nintendo or Sony systems period. They both AGGRESIVELY go after sites that post and host those kinds of things. The Emu maybe not as bad but I just am worried for this site if it were to start to host something like that. I am hardcore into the emulation scene and the big N is a stay item just like anything to do with Sony.

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