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Firefox U3 EN US

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Firefox U3 EN US

I imported Firefox for the U3 platform based on the Firefox for U3 by John T. Haller and would like to share it with the community.

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Plz, feel free to post any feedback.

John T. Haller
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Licensing and Trademarks

Thanks for the efforts and enthusiasm, Handyman, but releases that include the official Firefox binaries and Mozilla branding can only be done with the Mozilla's blessing since any portable version is considered a modification.

That said, I have a U3 package of the release in testing, though I may hold off as was supposed to be release yesterday (I have Release Candidate 1 of in testing as well).

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Well, thank u for all the

Well, thank u for all the effort u r doing here. I wanted to show my thanks by helping out. but didn't know that it needed Mozilla's blessings. Hope to see more of ur U3 releases soon.

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Smack in the face

Hey we appreciate it even if it doesnt seem like anyone else...
John Haller seems to be the only one who can get any apps "official"... save for a few U3 apps that people have gone directly through U3...

Just my .02cents

Ryan McCue
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That is because of Mozilla's trademark and copyright license. This site could get sued (?) for having a link there (e.g. "hosting illegal material").
Anyone can get apps "official". It just takes a lot of time with Mozilla apps, because of the licensing restrictions
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