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Synchronize Profiles

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Synchronize Profiles

Is there a way to synchronize the profiles, such as the porfile on my main PC as well as on my USB. I've noticed that when I go to get new mail on my USB, if I've already got it on my home PC then it won't show on my USB. I'd hate to have to copy the pc profile to the USB everytime I want to update my inbox. Plus if I receive something on PTB then my regular Thunderbird won't get it. These portable apps have been a lifesaver. Thanks for the effort and time.

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Leave messages on server

Hi zphantom,

I don't have a real solution for your problem but I have similar problems and use therefor "leave messages on server" as a workaround, so that I could download new messages with locale E-Mail-client and PTB. From time to time, when I know that both clients have all messages I uncheck the "leave messages on server"-option and delete this way all the messages on the server.

Cya Ryushi

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Sync software

Here are a couple of options. They only work if your USB drive is the same letter every time.

1 - You could write your own batch file to sync directories, or
2 - Download Cobian Backup (it's free!) and tell it to backup only changed files, or completely overwrite your desktop profile with the USB one.

Hope that helps!

macthemaths (not verified)

Works fine for me. The instructions are good.

Hope this helps.

Rob Loach
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Another solution would be to use an IMAP mail server as all messages are kept on the server and are read directly from there through Thunderbird.

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iSpec (not verified)
It's a Portable App! To be used as such.

I _think_ Portable Apps are developed to eliminate just this hassle. But if the concept is abused, the benefits are lost. A Portable App is meant to be carried around, and to be used on any PC you happen to be working with at the time. This means you should not install the non-portable version of the app on any PC you use regularly, or else you'll have exactly the problems you'd have without the Portable App:
- have mail on one PC but not the other
- have to maintain multiple installations (extensions, updates, settings...)

If you're using multiple platforms, this cannot be avoided (hence the limited usefulness of PTB OS X), as PTB Win cannot be used at *nix flavoured OS's v.v.

If you want maximum benefit, stick to the stick version of your Portable App, and use only that. Avoid duplicate installations.

John T. Haller
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Actually, I recommend IMAP

IMAP is by far the best email solution. I use it so I have access to my email with Thunderbird installed locally at home (with a 1GB local email store as well), Portable Thunderbird on the road, and I can access it via webmail in a pinch. IMAP is by far the best solution.

Most people don't really use extensions with Thunderbird... or use, maybe, 1 extension.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

iSpec (not verified)

I agree 100%. Waiting for GMail to start doing IMAP. Currently using FastMail, very nice, but limited mailbox. Big enough for my usage though...

As for Portable: the extensions / options / bookmarks remarks apply probably more to Firefox, and once you start duplicating the App, you start having duplicate maintenance. Just looking at it from a system management point of view.

Keep up the good work.

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IMAP is great...

... when available. I'm also waiting for GMail to go IMAP. I did find another workaround. More on that in a sec. First, I understand the portable aspect, but to avoid the excess writes to my USB drive when I'm at my home computer I like to use my home computer. The Portable App is for when I'm mobile. Now for the workaround. I tried AllwaysSync, and it worked just fine, but my usage wanted for me buy the pro version. I'm not wanting to do that yet. I tried turning the profile folder in the data folder (I use the Suite setup when available, looking forward to the next suite release) into a briefcase linked to my profile on my home pc. It works just fine and I can update when I get home.

tbuser1 (not verified)
too slow

a usb drive is a little annoying to have to plug in even just to check your email. thats why a lot of us a regular installation + a portable one.

adrian15 (not verified)

You can synchronize profiles. I've done it. I have Linux at home (OFFLINE) with the Thunderbird version provided by Knoppix 4. And I have at university, thanks to portable apps and my pendrive this Portable Windows Thunderbird.

I first installed Thunderbird on the pendrive and setup it, inside Windows.

Then I went into my Linux computer and run Thunderbird Profiles manager. Then I created a new profile (I did not have any before) and when selecting the name there's a button called Details or Advanced. There I choose not the current folder but the folder where it was stored the profile inside the pendrive.

In my case it was:

which in linux was:

The profile manager did not ask anything more. And I click into START and all the emails/configuration from the pendrive was there.

I could reply my messages OFFLINE, save them and then send them with Portable Thunderbird when being ONLINE in windows.

If you're ONLINE on both systems I think you can make the same thing. Remember to mount the pendrive on linux before using thunderbird.


P.S.: I've done a similar thing with Firefox but as long as dynamic webpage cannot be saved into the cache it isn't worth.

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