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Libre office update problem

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Libre office update problem


I've just upgraded 3 thumb drive Libre Office installations using the built in portable Apps installer.

The Y:\PortableApps\LibreOfficePortable\App\libreoffice\Basis\share\template\pt-BR\wizard\styles folder on my 4gb thumbdrive is corrupted and according to Windows explorer contains 40,204,611,584 bytes of data!

The disk is still readable and all the software appears to work fine, BUT....

The problem is that I can't delete that folder (or any above it) AND worse, on the other two thumb drives I had this program installed on I've had SERIOUS problems.

One insists that it's write protected and nothing can be changed, and while the other allowed me to erase the corrupted drive it now tells me that the drive format can't be completed.

In the last ten years I've had about a dozen USB thumb drives and never had a failure, I still have my first 32Mb stick. But after upgrading Libre office on these three sticks two have died and the third looks very sick, all in three days.

Has anyone else experienced problems with the latest Libre office upgrade on thumb drives?