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Pidgin: Problem with the last gaim 2.0 beta3.1

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Pidgin: Problem with the last gaim 2.0 beta3.1

I have installed today the new beta 3.1 but it gives connection error problems and looks like it is gtk 2.8 that is installed in my system.
The wingaim plugin reports gtk 2.8 and not the one in PortableGaim directory, If I start the previous Portable gaim 2.0 beta 2 that run on my system without problems, wingaim plugin correctly report gtk 2.6.10.
Looks like the new Portable gaim find and use the localy installed gtk.
What can I do ?
bye Andrea

John T. Haller
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That's just the way it is. Gaim will not work correctly on any computer with GTK 2.8 installed. The only solution is to uninstall GTK 2.8.

Just about every GTK app has a prefered GTK version that it's packaged with. And many are incompatible with each other. It's GTK Hell... similar to DLL Hell.

Best bet is to base everything on GTK 2.6.10-20050823 (or 2.6.10 Rev A). That should work with every app except GIMP 2.3.x (which is a test branch, not a release one).

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thanks now is all ok

thanks now is all ok Smile

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any constructive advice?

Is there really no way to force GAIM to ignore the locally installed GTK?

Inkscape is able to use it's local GTK and ignores the global GTK that GIMP installs into "Common Files".

Does anyone know how to tweak GAIM to also ignore GIMP's GTK?

Update: One solution is to copy GIMP's GTK 2.8 files into Gimp's program directories, then uninstall GTK 2.8. Now Gimp and Gaim both work.

So it seems that Gimp works like Inkscape.. it looks for a local GTK first. Gaim in uniquely retarded in that it uses the global GTK before the local.

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