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can't find\settings\nsisconf.nsh during launchergenerator

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can't find\settings\nsisconf.nsh during launchergenerator

trying to follow some instructions I found to make evernote portable. I downloaded the 2.xx versions and I'm getting an error when I run the launchgenerator !include: could not find" x:\portableapps\nsisportable\app\nsis\..\..\data\settings\nsisconf.nsh Any suggestions?


John T. Haller
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Run Once

Run NSIS Portable itself directly once first and the file will be generated.

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Aluísio A. S. G.
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Copy or delete

You can:

  • Copy DefaultData\settings\nsisconf.nsh to Data\settings; or
  • Delete App\NSIS\nsisconf.nsh

EDIT: I've forgot about the first run. If we use /nonfatal, it will be unnecessary.

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