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launcher should create an exe to start two programs

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launcher should create an exe to start two programs

Hi cracks,

I have a program i try to make portable which always needs another program. so i always have to start two portableapps. I thougt it would be a good idea to integrate both programms in one portableapp. More precisely in two app\appname dirs and tell the launcher's ini programexecutable to refer to two exe-files (i tried two lines). That does not work.

Then i tried it within a batch. The Laucher.ini programexecutable refers to a batch which starts both exe in both app\appname. That works, however a dos-box will keep open and if i close it, the system will cleaned up too early.

Thinking about it makes it clear: the batch file is the controlled process for cleaning up. But maybe it is possible to make dependencys, lets say: the launcher launches the batch, the batch launches app\app1 and app\app2. Now, what i would look for is a ini configuration that only cleans up the system if the *last* program has been finished. Then I could write a quit command in the batch, the batch finishes after launching the real programs but every registry and file setting will kept up for that real programs until i quit both / the last one.

is it possible? Did you understand me?

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Check this.

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