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Multiple 3.1 PreRelease 6 Running

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Multiple 3.1 PreRelease 6 Running

Is there a way to prevent or notify a user that Toucan is already running?

I should not be able to click on the icon and have multiple versions running.


Steve Lamerton
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for the next pre-release, thanks. It always used to disallow multiple instances but it seems I removed it along the way somewhere.

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Can you set it so that you

Can you set it so that you disable multiple instances of the GUI but allow multiple instances of the command line?

Using 3.0.4 you could run multiple command line sync jobs. I upgraded to 3.1 for the improved Rules matching (thank you for that BTW) but now I cannot run multiple command line jobs.

Not allowing multiple instances is now a major inconvenience for running scheduled task command line jobs. Without allowing multiple instances at the command line you now have to figure out some sort of wait or extended pause methodology or offset multiple command line scheduled tasks. Painful!



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