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3.1 Pre Release 6 Shut Down

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3.1 Pre Release 6 Shut Down

I have a concern running a script in SYNC and being able to hit the 'X' in the upper top right corner of the progress window closing the progress window and then hitting the 'X' on toucan and shutting down the software very quickly.

When I do this procedure what is happening to the file or files being processed or was the software already hanging?

When I select the CANCEL button in the progress window, the software is doing something but I can't tell what it is doing or what files are in jeopardy.

Should the preferred shut down be the CANCEL button then the 'X' buttons need to be unavailable for activation.

Again, where is the log file located so I can review what file or files have blown up with the shut down or cancelation?


Steve Lamerton
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should be fixed and made clearer in the next pre-release, thanks.

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