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Which Safe Portable App-ing Rules Apply when Installed to Hard Drive?

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Which Safe Portable App-ing Rules Apply when Installed to Hard Drive?

I have installed the latest Platform Pre-Release 3 to a Windows XP machine.


I'm going to be using it for as much as I can. So what Safe Portable App-ing Rules Apply when Installed to Hard Drive?

1) Do I have to treat it like a virtual flash Drive?

2) Do I have to hit the Eject button before shutting the computer down?

3) Since there is no flash Drive light to monitor how do I know if its safe to shut the computer down? Is there a Flash Drive light emulator? lol

3) Should I turn off auto-run/play in the registry?

If anyone has any tips, I would greatly appreciate them

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Assuming you are using the

Assuming you are using the current release of the platform, there are currently two issues that will come up if you shutdown the computer without closing the menu properly:

1) Settings changed since starting the menu will be lost.
2) App start counts (how the "Smart menu" figures out its order) will be lost.

If you don't care about the smart menu count, you only have to remember to close the platform properly when you change settings, otherwise you shouldn't have any issues.

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Secondary partition

I use it on my hard drive as well, here's how I do it:

I have a secondary partition that I have the platform installed to, this way it doesn't have anything to do with C: drive, and is self-contained.

I suggest hitting the exit button before shutting down, as eject won't do anything on a hard drive.

When is it safe to shutdown? If you either eject or exit the platform, it will take care of cleaning itself up. Note that it does not (yet) shutdown apps run through it, you should shut these down individually.

Auto-run/play doesn't come into play with the hard drive, but it's up to you to turn it off if you wish.

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