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Silverlight update problems (w/o administrator permissions)

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Silverlight update problems (w/o administrator permissions)

A few months ago, I previously extracted the silverlight DLLs, dumped them into my firefox plugins folder on my thumb drive, and everything worked fine. Starting a few weeks ago, when I try to open Netflix on Firefox Portable, I get a blue page asking me to update silverlight.

Ok. simple right. I download the most recent SDK, unpack the .cab, and install the DLLS to the plugins folder on my thumbdrive.

The problem is, I can't get a program to unarchive the 7-zip says that the archive can't be extracted. Anyone else have this problem?

I don't have administrator privileges, so I cant install the silverlight update or sandboxie.

Anyone else run into this problem?

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I was a bit curious, though, and I tried extracting the executable from Cnet but it doesn't give anything useful. I was, however, able to update my own version of silverlight, though. If you can't get access to a computer with administrative rights, you can email me to see if I can help (see my signature below).

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