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Incoming server already exists

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Incoming server already exists

I have several gmail accounts and want to set them up in TB. However, I get an error message "Incoming server already exists." Of course it does; I'm trying to set up multiple gmail accounts and each account will use as the server.

Any way around this?


John T. Haller
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Have you tried using Google's IMAP servers instead? It's what you should be using anyway to ensure all mail is left online... and to make it really easy to access all your folders and be able to move messages into them and between servers. I have multiple Gmail accounts setup in Thunderbird using IMAP.

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Thanks for the reply John. I

Thanks for the reply John.

I need to use POP3. How do I solve the "Incoming server already exists" problem? Does the non-portable version of Thunderbird also have this problem?

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no problem with that

you have simply to go and create new empty account first. Then what ever you type in will work.
I have also more then one account on same mail provider and same server and I use pop for that. on one particular server I leave mails on (leave messages on server) but I do not like to keep messages on some free account servers for more then needed and use pop to delete them on delivery.

go Account settings, Add account (this is then empty), enter name and address, then on next empty form enter the server etc, complete rest of the forms, ok, all done.
Later you can select which accounts has to be included when reading the mail in case you want use some of the accounts like me just for filtering and not real other use.

*you have to give the accounts different names sure*

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