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[Fixed] Spell check in Redbook description

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[Fixed] Spell check in Redbook description

But not in the portable version.
If you have no plans to add it.
Then I suggest that you remove 'spell check' from the description.
To lessen the chance of confusing users , especially new users.

Ken Herbert
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The description on the page

The description on the page for the portable version does not say anything about spell-check, and even the apps official site says spell check is only available on the Linux version.

Unless you are looking at a page I am not seeing...

Edit: No, wait, now I see where you are talking about. It is on the release page for 1.2.0 Rev 2.

John T. Haller
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It had been removed from the page during a previous release but we'd accidentally left it as a bullet in the announcement. I've removed it. Thanks for pointing this out.

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