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3.1 Pre Release 7 Job Creation

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3.1 Pre Release 7 Job Creation

I tried to explain this issue in a previous discussion last year and didn't succeed in clarifying the questions.

I am using windows 7 pro sp1 32
I have the same issue in both SYNC and BACKUP Job Creation

I have several jobs in the list already.
I create a new job using the "+" key to add it.
I do all the selections for the file locations and all the windows are populated.
I make the variable selections and do a test run.
I select the disc key to save the job.
I select the "+" key to add a new job.
A popup window occurs asking to save the current job.
The current windows are populated with the info from the job I just created.
I already saved the current job in the window why must I select it again?

When I hit the "yes" button everything is fine. A new popup window occurs for the new job.

When I hit the "no" button things go bonkers with the other saved jobs; such as, I loose the job in the window and the previous jobs are affected and come up as invalid jobs when I select them. Some jobs have taken the file locations of other jobs.

I also have the same problem with the "-" key during job creation.

I make an error in the job name and I can't change it after it populates the job window. I can only remove it.

So I select the "-" key. Things go bonkers with the previous jobs coming up as invalid jobs.


Steve Lamerton
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for reporting this, I have finally tracked down what is causing this. I do agree that the general behaviour of the job saving and loading is rather unintuitive, it is on the list of things to overhaul.

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