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VLC: hot-keys only half-working

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VLC: hot-keys only half-working

fresh install of 1.1.11, I've adjusted just 10 hotkeys which are essential for me -
1, quit - q
2, very short jump forward/backward - left/right arrow keys
3, short jump fwd/bckwd - up/down keys
4, moderate jump fwd/bckwd - PgUp/PgDown

now, bear with me, these are working:
q, down, left, PgUp, PgDown

these are not working:
right, up

I see no way to fix it, pretty annoying, makes me want to switch back to smplayer where everything worked and it had subtitle downloader.. just playback was a bit buggy...

edit: it doesn't matter if you define those hotkeys as local or global, the issue is still there.

edit2: it worked for the first time when I set it up, however after vlcportable restart it doesn't work and after all other restarts it won't work

edit3 - solution?
I did defined those problematic hotkeys as local AND global at the same time. Now they work, or maybe I did something else in the meantime... anhow, I'm glad it's working.

global hotkeys? not a good idea... I started to control my paused VLC from other applications Smile