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[Closed] PAI & Plugin installers

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Gord Caswell
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[Closed] PAI & Plugin installers

I've found another bug in the installer: When running the installer with plugininstaller.ini, the installer blindly copies all files/folders in the directory, rather than only App, Other, help.html & any exe's in the root.

This only occurs when running as a plugininstaller, when running as a standard install, the installer demonstrates the correct behaviour.

[EDIT] Changed subject to reflect applicability to plugin installers in general

John T. Haller
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Supposed To

It's supposed to work like that. CommonFiles is a unique and VERY specific thing. CommonFiles aren't even supposed to have their own data directory as stuff in CommonFiles is not supposed to have its own launcher or data. There is a different PAI bug that causes it to create Data for the license file tracking, though.

Basically, it sounds more and more like GhostScript is not a candidate for CommonFiles. CommonFiles is for libraries of files shared by other apps. That's it. They can't have their own data stores. They can't have their own launchers. Nothing within them should be executable by itself (at least in terms of exposing it to the user that is).

As for plugin installers (non-CommonFiles), it's supposed to include the Data directory as a plugin could be added to Data and/or App.

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