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"Delete" working differently in v7.0.1 / roll back to previous version?

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"Delete" working differently in v7.0.1 / roll back to previous version?

I recently updated to v7.0.1 and notice that when I have an e-mail message open, and press either the Delete key on the keyboard or the Delete button in the application, it deletes the message and returns to the inbox.

Until this time, pressing either of these would delete the message and open the next unread message.

Was wondering if anyone was having a similar issue and if there was a fix. I've closed and restarted Thunderbird and have since restarted the computer with no change.

I suppose I could get used to it, but it sure is annoying after being used to the other way for so long.

I also noticed that *after* I'd agreed to the update, it told me that one of my plug-ins (Eset Security) wasn't compatible. Unfortunately, there was no option to then cancel the update. So, I thought about rolling back to my last version to solve both of these issues at once, but don't know how/if that can be done.

Appreciate any help and thanks in advance for same.